Synercall :
This product is a mix between Beef Tallow and vegetable oils, and it considered as one of the best formulas in providing high metabolizer energy for poultry diet.
It was known that chickens absorb unsaturated fatty acids (USFA) more than saturated (SFA) fatty acids. And absorption of (SFA) was improved in the presence of (USFA) Actually when two fats were mixed, one of them rich in (SFA)and other rich in (UNFA) such as Soya oil, the determined TME value was more than the calculated TME. That was reported for the synergism between the two fats
Crude Fat 50%
Soya Oil 20%
Sunflower 30%
Liquid feed additives :
This product is a Mix of Soya and Sun flower oils, it considered as on of the best alternatives to soya oils in providing energy for poultry diet.
Total Fatty matter >95%
Free Fatty Acid 30-50%
C16:0 11-13%
C18:0 6-8%
C18:1 30-32%
C18:2 47-49%
C18:3 2-3%
Lecithin 5%
Moisture + Ache 5%
Packing Bulk
Distillated Fatty Acids :
We are producing many kinds of high quality distillated fatty acids, with very clear shape.
This product can be used in many applications in different industries including nutrition and others.
Color 1 Gardner
Free Fatty Acid 99.5%
Peroxide Value 0
Moisture 0.5%
Ache 0
Unsop 0
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